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Kitchen Fitting Nottingham

Do you need professional kitchen fitters in Nottingham? If you do, you are in the right place. Kitchen Fitters Nottingham’s experienced and well-trained kitchen installers and are ready to help you in no time and make the entire process simple. We take care of all the details that matter most to you and complement your choice of taps, sinks, appliances, and more.

Since the launch of our reputable service company, we have been the leading specialists in both modern and traditional custom-made fitted kitchens. We offer our esteemed clients in Nottingham and the surrounding areas a complete installation service. 

When you come to us, our experienced kitchen fitters walk with you throughout the process from the pre-planning phase to the finishing stage to give you the best experience and make your life easy.

How Does Kitchen Fitting Work?

Kitchen fitting allows you to prepare your meals in an alluring and well-designed kitchen. The fitting experts handle the following tasks:

  • Help you to come up with workable installation plans
  • Mark the kitchen properly to make them eye-catching
  • Remove and dispose of old units and cabinets in the kitchen
  • Mark locations for hidden joists, cables, and pipes in the wall
  • Can take the roles that are usually the domain of other traders, e.g., carpentry and joinery
  • Join new appliances and units

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Why Should You Use a Professional Kitchen Fitter?

Some people try to install or repair their kitchen cabinets but fail. You require a professional for the following reasons:

The Right Knowledge and Experience

Professional kitchen fitters have in-depth knowledge of the required quality installation materials. We also have experience in doing this work, which means you can depend on us. As such, if you need a service that can save you from losing your hard-earned money, you likely need an efficient fitter like Kitchen Fitters Nottingham. 

Use Professional Tools

Whenever you want to change your old cabinets and kitchen fittings and install the best ones, you should hire a company that has high-end professional tools. You may not be able to reuse them if you hire an individual who lacks the right tools. At the same time, the ensure kitchen installation process may fail. 

Implement Smart Planning Principles

Professional kitchen fitters provide a complete package, which enables them to plan professionally for your kitchen fittings. If you work with us, we can assist your planning and ensure everything from the beginning to the end is done within budget and on time.

Kitchen Fitters Nottingham Services

We offer a wide variety of services to our esteemed customers in Nottingham. Some of them are:

Countertop/worktop installation

Once you have chosen your best countertop material, we fabricate and install it. Our professionals can use laminate or timber to create for you a worktop within the shortest time possible at a low cost. We measure out and cut the lengths as required.

Our experts also have experience working with granite, acrylic or quartz, and we have the specialised equipment required to measure, install, and build them. 

After installing the cabinets, our specialists use a laser plotter to measure the needed area accurately. Given our capacity, we can use this advanced technique to install your worktop in under one week.

Kitchen countertop installation
Kitchen tiling

Kitchen Tiling

Once our experts have fully installed the cabinets and connected your appliances, we now focus on cosmetic tasks. We tile the area between the base and the cabinets and install a glass tiling. However, if you only require a tiling service, we are also happy to offer it.

Carpentry and Joinery

Our experts are also fully involved in these two construction trades. We construct all the building elements like cabinets and worktops in your kitchen. We also install the doors and window frames to enhance your safety. 

Painting and decorating Kitchen

Painting and decorating

We add the final finishing touches that give your kitchen a personalised appearance. You choose the types of paints that are suitable for your needs.

Bespoke kitchen fitting

We craft bespoke kitchens that are beautiful and designed according to your specifications. Our professionals can help you to decide on the ideal layout and put personal touches into your kitchen. If you choose, you can add various stylish features in your galley kitchen to dine and places to socialise with your loved ones and friends. We are confident in the ability of our team to make your kitchen the heart of your home.

Bespoke fitted kitchen Nottingham
Kitchen Fitters Nottingham

Full kitchen installation

We can fit your kitchen within a short time. Our full kitchen installation process is simple.

Our Full Kitchen Installation Process

We consider that the understanding of how kitchen installation works is essential for helping you to know what to expect from us. Transparency and safety are our most important core values. As such, we are happy to let our customers have the right kitchen installation process.

Before Our Arrival

For our team of experienced experts to finish your projects quickly, all we expect from you at the beginning is to empty all your units and drawers before the installation process begins. You also likely need to figure out how you will operate without a kitchen for the duration. If you want a full refurbishment, you should plan how you will manage without your sink, oven and hob for the few days.

The Actual Installation Steps

Rip Out: In day one, we remove your old appliances, cabinets, tap and sink, and worktop. We take a lot of care as we remove the appliances, especially if you intend to reuse them. 

First Fix: We help you get your cables and pipes in place while the room is still empty. If you desire to have more sockets, this is the time to ask your electrician to do the work. At the same time, your electrician can move the appliance or add a new induction hob and other things.

Plaster: After the rip out stage, we plaster your kitchen and ensure a fresh, smooth, and flat finish is created. Before installing the cabinets, we give the plastered kitchen adequate time to dry. To hasten this process, we keep the doors and windows open as much as practically possible.

Flooring: We install the floor before the cabinets to take advantage of the clean, empty room. Our focus is to create a level surface on which we can properly install the kitchen cabinets. However, if you are on a budget and need to save on the cost, we lay the floor after installing the cabinets. In this case, the flooring cannot extend back to the walls.

Fit Kitchen Cabinets: Whenever necessary, we start this process by installing the base units. We pick the style and colour that suits your needs, ensure everything fits, and begin to affix them on your kitchen walls. We then install the wall units and drill the door handles’ holes and attach the handles, the plinth, lighting pelmet, and all other decorative edgings.

Fit Worktops: Our professionals install your worktops using a wide variety of materials. Choose the one that you prefer and let us handle the rest of the work and move on to the next step.

Second Fix: We allow our tradespeople to come back and finish off the work they started during the first fix stage.

Tiling: We tile your kitchen with your aesthetic and safety needs in mind. 

Decorating: We add the final finishing touches that give your kitchen a personalised appearance.

Some of these stages can overlap or occur at the same time. What drives us is the nature of your needs and the desire to deliver on our 100% satisfaction-guarantee promise.

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Types of Kitchens We Fit

We fit and install a variety of types and styles of kitchens. Our experienced specialists can install or improve for you any other type of kitchen alongside those listed below.

Modern Kitchen Nottingham

Modern Kitchens

They feature flat surfaces and little or no ornamentations. The cabinets have a sleek, angular, and simple but attractive design.

Shaker kitchen

Shaker Kitchens

These kitchens are available in a wide range of finishes and feature an incredibly versatile design. Whether you prefer extravagant, traditional, modern, or minimalist shaker kitchens, we are here to serve you.

traditional kitchen nottingham

Traditional Kitchens

Unlike the rest, these kitchens focus on character and small details. This means they primarily use natural materials painted with mutated colours that make them appear aged and inviting.

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Kitchen Fitters Nottingham offers high-quality services at an affordable price. We also assist you during your planning to ensure you get value for your money.


We are time-conscious and focus on giving a positive experience. We achieve that by adhering to our quick turnaround policy.


We use high-quality materials, and our experts are experienced and well-trained.


Professionalism is one of our core values. We attentively listen to you and act in good faith because we believe that mutual respect is a great virtue.

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If you contact us for consultation before any of your jobs, we assign our friendly and knowledgeable persons to attend to your needs at no cost.


Our professionals have extensive experience dealing with a wide range of power tools. We also have a large collection of completed projects.

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